Lisa Lozano Swim is a luxury swim line founded by veteran swimwear designer Lisa Lozano. Having founded the highly successful swim line TNA back in 1998, as well as her much sought after children’s swim line Lilo Tati, the Los Angeles based designer returns to women’s swimwear with a very modern and fashion forward approach to her eponymous collection. “TNA was a great experience for me, it was my first foray into designing swimwear, and with that history I felt it was the right time to bring something new to the market” states designer Lisa Lozano. 

Living within feet of the sand and sea, the designer lives and breathes the beach life on a daily. “L.A. has miles of coastal shoreline from Venice Beach to Malibu, allowing for a vast range of beach culture which I draw much of my inspiration from,” states the designer. The collection is feminine yet strong, paying homage to a woman’s form. Fit and silhouette are key in her design, making sure that the suits flatter the right curves while allowing women to feel confident and sexy in her suits. “Because I come from a graphic design background, I focus my design on interesting color combinations, pattern play and contrast piecing,” states the designer. Her design principles are evident in the collection’s use of neutrals with neon, meticulously placed seaming detail and modern cuts exposing just the right amount of skin. 

Designed with a very thoughtful approach, the collection brings newness and fashion back to swimwear, all while embodying what it really means to live the beach life.